Make Money Online Now: Fast and Free

You are not the only one looking for ways to make money online fast, there are millions like us everywhere. Thanks to the ever-developing internet technologies, it has become easier to look for opportunities to earn. You can do this by selling stuff online, write, create websites and many more. To make it really easier for you, I have compiled the Top 5 Free ways to make money online now:

  1. Be paid just by sharing your opinion and answering surveys
  2. Become an eBay seller
  3. Become a Freelance article writer
  4. Audio file transcription
  5. Sell photos

These are simple and free ways to make money online, even without an investment.

  • Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys won’t pay huge you the big bucks and make you rich, but this could be a solution if you are looking for a way to make free and fast online money. You only need to sign up to an online survey company like Registration to these websites are typically free; you just need to fill in some personal information and you should be good to go. There are many topics involved in survey taking, most are on financial products, appliances that you already use, and products that you are familiar with. There are surveys that would not take you longer than 20 minutes to complete, while there are some that may take as few as 5 minutes. You will be normally paid in points which you can use to exchange for store vouchers and credits.

  • eBay Selling

Look around you. Do you have stuff that you don’t use anymore or don’t want to keep? Stop hoarding and get rid of unwanted stuff and make money out of it! How? Go to and look at the things being sold there, and you’d be amazed. There are people who buy the weirdest stuff, even, so it is not impossible for you to sell your items. All you need to do is to sign up for an account, take photos of the items that you intend to sell, and upload them to your profile along with some description. Be as detailed as possible so that your potential buyer will be enticed to buy the item. You can then sit back and just wait for the bids to pour right in. eBay selling one of the fastest ways to make money online, and it’s free to join, too!

  • Sell Your Writing Talent

If you know your way around words, you can make money online really quickly. There is an ever-present demand for online writers who can whip up compelling and unique articles. As you are starting out while building your profile online, your rates will be low. But I know many people who earn $20 per day when they were just starting out, so you can do this, too. There are thousands of bloggers, website owners and businesses that need a regular supply of content for their sites. If you are a fast thinker who can type fast, you might find this a lucrative career in the future.

  • Transcription Jobs

If you are among the number of people who have excellent listening skills, type really fast and have good English skills, then you can be a transcriptionist. The pay can be compared to writing, but there are clients who pay more especially if you are a regular contractor for them. You can look for clients through freelancing sites like Elance or oDesk. You can start doing this without any investment, however, you might need to invest in a good set of headphones that will allow you to hear all the words in the audio recordings you will have to transcribe. Transcription jobs are plentiful, and once you have a steady set of clients, you will find that transcribing can be one of the fastest free ways to make money online.

  • Sell Your Photographs

If photography is your passion and you find yourself short of funds, you can earn money online by selling some of your photos. You can use your computer to upload your photos to websites that store stock photos like These websites may require you to upload some samples of your work prior to being allowed access to their galleries, so it is best to prepare a nicely-put portfolio that you can use. Remember to check the website to see which kind of photos sell well and which are popular.

There are so many option to make free money online fast, without the need to incur costs and invest a lot of money. The key is in looking for the right source of information.

Your Easy Guide on How to Make Money Online for Beginners

With the advent of the Internet as the modern marketing platform of the future, earning money online for beginners has become one of the most popular queries in almost every imaginable search engine these days. If you’re still having a tough time picking the best making money online strategy that’s suits you best, here are a few ideas that can help you start the ball rolling without a hitch right away:

Post videos on YouTube.

Do you have a unique talent that can wow the denizens of the worldwide web? Better grab a video camera and post it on YouTube or a similar clip sharing site immediately and you could just be the next Internet sensation!

From Justin Bieber who clinched a successful career as a teen singing star to Gary Brolsma, the creator of the Numa Numa dance, they definitely have made a name for themselves as some of the most popular pop culture icons in this day and age. Who knows? Their success story could happen to you, too.

Start blogging.

At its simplest, blogging is the creation of content for the worldwide web and is regarded as a tried and tested strategy when making money online is concerned. Just think of it as a digital outlet to express your passion for an interest that could earn you a few bucks (or a lot, depending on how you want it) sooner or later.

The more traffic your blog generates, the more appealing it is to companies who want to get in on the action by renting online advertising space. Moreover, there are also affiliate programs that offer generous commissions whenever a product or service is purchased through your blog. All you have to do is keep the quality posts coming and you’re good to go.

Sell stuff.

Did you know that you just might earn money online with that old vinyl record you’re planning to throw out soon? Auction sites like eBay can help you turn the things that you don’t necessarily need into cash if there are people willing to buy them.

Whether it’s a vintage toy, a memorabilia from a rock concert you went to in ’76 or some hard to find back issues of a popular magazine that stopped publication a couple of decades back, the Internet is a great place to show them off and make money in a few clicks.

Boost your business.

Got a business you’d like the rest of the world to know of? Promoting it on the Internet is absolutely one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. It doesn’t matter if you go for article marketing or setting up an email campaign to attract more followers for your service or product. As long as you play your cards right, success (and money making online) won’t be that far away.

Creating an Online Business Card

Your business can greatly benefit from an online business card. In the world of networking, it is regarded as a personal branding tool. However, rare are the days now when you slap cards to hands of people you meet. Online business cards are becoming the information exchange of choice of many professionals. They function and even look exactly like their paper-based predecessors but without the cost and inconveniences associated. The only thing that is missing in digital cards is the tactile dimension of a paper-based card. Because the real and perceived benefits of a virtual business card (vcard) are plenty, many people overlook this one missing feature.

As with traditional cards, the basic components are the person’s name, company name, job description, business and/ or address, and contact information. Depending on personal preference, one can include as many means of contact, landline number, cellphone or smartphone number, IM ID, personal or business website, email, and Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, or other social media accounts. Online business cards are delivered virtually, typically as email attachment, and stored in electronic address books. Hence, they allow contacts to spend minimal time finding pertinent information. Business cards can also be shared via IM.

Creating and getting an online business card is easy. There are many free and paid tools available for this. The most popular free tool for creating an online card is Microsoft Outlook. As for paid apps, cost of services varies across companies.

Regardless of whether you’re using a free or paid business card software, creation processes are more or less similar. You will be required to register with the website. Next, you will be asked to supply the information you want to appear on your vcard. You will then be asked to choose a template design or upload a profile picture. After you submit your options, your business card immediately is delivered to you. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

People can create a card that contains just their basic information, or they can include a profile picture and add background color. Beyond Microsoft, a huge number of individual and web designers offer free use of their vCard.

With online business cards, anything can go. One can choose a design that best describes their personality or that matches their profession. The IT business professional can go for industrial design. An artist can go for a funky design. You can have a formal, stark-looking design or go for a casual design. A photographer can have a DSLR camera as background; a musician, a guitar. Because there’s no concern for space (traditional cards have to be wallet size), you can put as many or as few information as you like. You can put just the basic information-name, address, phone number, or you can include all your social media accounts and IM IDs, your references, and your website. Some even include a brief description (bulleted or non-bulleted) of their strengths or what they do.

There’s certainly a lot of room for customization, and this flexibility is one advantage that traditional cards lack.